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About All About Simularity & Me

Simularity™ was created on August 25, 2019 by Lizzie Prusaczyk of Dream 9 Studios™. The name is a combination play on words of “similarity” and “simulation”. I created this site to be the official repository of all my Sims-related content whether it be stories, game mods and content, or anything else related to the life simulation game known as The Sims 4.

Who am I? I am a digital 3D artist by trade from Southern Illinois, USA. I’m 35 and have an adorable 11 year old chihuahua named Aayla. My official art website is Dream 9 Studios. I also have a personal blog at Artist in Wonderland

I started playing the Sims when the original came out in 2000 after buying a copy from EB Games while being fascinated at the time with simulation and strategy games. It wasn’t long before I became Sims-obsessed. I started creating custom content for the Sims as soon as I was able to figure out how to do it. I created clothing recolors, furniture recolors, and celebrity Sim heads among other things. I then followed up with the Sims 2 as soon as it was released, creating custom content for it as well. I’m sure I still have the content I created around here somewhere. I may go looking through my old backups one of these days and try to find it all again. For some reason I didn’t get into the Sims 3 until a few years after it’s release and then never got around to making content for it. I didn’t playing the Sims 4 until the summer of 2019 and decided I wanted to try my hand at not only making content but also mods for the game.

I’ve created mods and custom content for several other games in the past. Does anyone remember a simulation game from the turn of the century called AquaZone? It was about raising fish in fish tanks. I was obsessed with it too at one time and made lots of content for it and even a website so people could download my content for it called, if I remember correctly, AZ Pool. I also created mods and content for the two Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Games and offered them up for download on various websites. Most of the other games I modded or made content for I did only a few things or did so only for personal use.