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About All About Simularity & Me

Simularity™ was created on August 25, 2019 by Lizzie Prusaczyk of Dream 9 Art™. The name is a combination play on the words “similarity” and “simulation”. I created this site to be the official repository of all my Sims-related content whether it be stories, game mods and content, or anything else that I happen to create that is related to the life simulation game known as The Sims 4.

Who am I? I am a digital 3D artist by trade from Southern Illinois, USA. My official art studio website is Dream 9 Art. I also have a personal blog at The Artist in Wonderland

New 2023 Simularity Avatar


My current avatar for Simularity that I use across nearly every site that I can use it on.

Lizzie P.

Lizzie P.

This is the real me right here. No further comment needed.

I started playing the Sims when the original came out in 2000 after buying a copy from EB Games for my birthday which, as it turns out, was the day it was released! I was fascinated at the time with simulation and strategy games so it was right up my alley and then it wasn’t long before I became Sims-obsessed. I started creating custom content for the Sims as soon as I was able to figure out how to do it. I created clothing recolors, furniture recolors, and celebrity Sim heads among other things. I then followed up with the Sims 2 as soon as it was released, creating custom content for it as well. I’m sure I still have the content I created around here somewhere. I may go looking through my old backups one of these days and try to find it all again. For some reason I didn’t get into the Sims 3 until a few years after it’s release and then never got around to making content for it. I didn’t start playing the Sims 4 until the summer of 2019. I ended up liking the game enough that I decided I wanted to try my hand at not only making content but also mods for the game.