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Mod Updates List of All the Latest Updates to the Mods

Anytime I update one of my mods, I will list the mod here and a brief description of what I updated and when. Click on the small image of each mod update brief to navigate to the mod’s page so you can download the updated version and see more information about it. Links will open in this same window. The newest updates are at the top. For specifics about updates relating to the latest base game patch, see here: Patch Updates.

Clinical Depression Trait

Updated with Italian translation and a punctuation error was fixed.
June 13, 2021

Experimental Food without a Chef Station

Updated mod code to add in meals that came with all recent DLC which weren't showing up before.
June 11, 2021

The Date Mod

Added new interaction goal, edited overall event difficulty. Increased compatibility with Road to Romance Mod. Updated Italian translation.
June 09, 2021

Ultimate Homemaker Aspiration

Fixed wrong value on an aspiration goal, added aspiration whims, and added a new Russian translation.
June 08, 2021